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Modular kitchens are highly preferred around the world, irrespective of the location. They are highly functional and beautiful. Modular kitchen is such designed that it can easily fit any budget. However, people still have a grave misconception that modular kitchens are highly expensive and way out of budget. The price of a modular kitchen depends on several factors. The primary factor is the size of the kitchen. The bigger the size, the higher is the total price. Bigger kitchens require a number of modules, which ultimately increases the price. However, one can adjust the price by selecting the type of material, pattern of the kitchen and quantity of modules. This makes modular kitchens fit in the budget, without any hassle.

Other factors which are considered for pricing are: the brand name, storage space required, number of accessories and the pattern. Some people require a spacious kitchen, which decreases the number of modules and thus, the price. A basic modular kitchen begins from 50,000 INR. The cost increases depending upon the design and the accessories. What makes modular kitchen highly popular in present times is the functionality. Nowadays, people do not want to spend maximum time of their day in the kitchen. They want to decrease the time spent in kitchen, but do not want to compromise on the taste. Here, the design of the modular kitchen comes handy.

The affordability of modular kitchen has made them popular not only among rich and affluent families but others as well. The concept is no longer considered a snob value but an investment that lasts for a lifetime. People can choose the design depending on the budget and enjoy the benefits of investment. Modular kitchens can be tailored based on requirements. It has changed the way people spend time in their kitchens.
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