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Modular Kitchen Shutters

Modular kitchen shutters are available in a huge variety. Home owners can get the shutters tailor made depending upon the structuring of kitchen area. One can choose the fitting colours, textures, materials, functionality, shapes, designs and many things when it comes to shutters. Know more about the modular kitchen shutters subsequently.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Shutters, Jaipur
A beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary, solid wood shutters are the hot favourites of home owners looking to renovate or refurbish their kitchen. Shutters made of solid wood keep out the light and protect the things stored inside. With solid wood shutters, the need for additional decor reduces to a great extent. People prefer wood shutters because they are high in quality and great on looks. Solid wood shutters do not require much maintenance and are easy to clean and look after. The beauty of these shutters is that they can be used as it is or coated with laminates to blend them with the interiors.

PU Coated

PU Coated Shutters, Jaipur
Imparting an ultramodern look, PU coated shutters have become one of the most preferred ones in modular kitchen. Polyurethane coatings on the shutters are bright but sober and are available in a range of colours. The finishes on the shutters given them a contemporary look and blend them with the interiors of the rest of the house. With a variety of designs available, home owners can choose the exact shade and shape to give a beautiful appearance to the kitchen. Being resistant to chemical and stains, the coatings are strong and solid. Available in high quality finish, PU coatings is an excellent choice for shutters.


Membrane Shutters, Jaipur
Designed exclusively with European foils, the kitchen membrane shutters bring out the beauty of the kitchen in vivid creations. Membrane shutters offer an amazing blend of functionality and design, balancing the purpose of their installation. Very popular among home owners, membrane shutters are designed using PVC and MDF film, which is fit for membrane pressing. Membrane shutters are designed in a way that they are replete with properties suitable for a modern kitchen. These shutters are long lasting and are resistant to routine wear and tear. If manufactured properly considering several factors, membrane shutters are the most fitting idea for modular kitchen.


Floral Shutters, Jaipur
Gone are the days when kitchen used to appear as bland and non - appealing. With the introduction of floral shutters, kitchens breathe fresh air on a regular basis. Floral shutters bring out the beauty of kitchen and make it appealing to the eye. Floral designs are such that one does not get bored of them easily. While some consider floral shutters to be feminine, others consider it unisex and beautiful. The benefit of choosing floral designs is that they can blend with the interiors of the house and yet stay exclusive. Available in a range of colours, designs, textures and appeals, people give more preference to floral shutters.


Acrylic Shutters, Jaipur
Acrylic shutters are gradually becoming popular across different countries. The beauty of installing acrylic shutters is that it imparts a beautiful and sleek to the kitchen interiors. With so many colours and patterns available, one can choose the design that blends in with the interiors of rest of the home. A perfect alternative to glass, acrylic is preferred for its flexibility. They are designed in a specific manner, making them completely waterproof. Acrylic shutters are easy to clean and maintain. A highly suitable display material, acrylic shutters are light in weight and great in looks. Without any doubt, they are most preferred as kitchen shutters.


Laminates Shutters, Jaipur
The beauty of laminates is that one can give desired look to the kitchen without spending a high amount. Laminates have long been used for different types of furniture. Its utility on the kitchen shutters has become popular too. Since a long time, laminates are preferred for kitchen interiors to make them pleasing to the eye. Laminate is a low in budget product which is very durable. Laminated shutters are easy to clean and maintain. Home owners prefer laminates for the cabinets and shutters for enhancing the look. Laminates are stylish and at the same time sturdy too.
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