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8 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01: How can I better understand the term "Modular Kitchen"?
Answer 01: Modular Kitchen is the new way of looking at the kitchen area of a house in today's time. Based on the theme of pre-built and pre-designed appliances, modular kitchen is available in various shapes, sizes, style and colours. The user has the liberty to choose his type of design and plan accordingly the quality and types of appliances he wishes to include. The primary motive behind the concept of a modular kitchen is to increase efficiency in work. Additionally this idea tries to get rid of monotony and invites a dash of 'fun' component so that the user can relax and enjoy cooking.

Question 02: Why make a modular kitchen a part of my home décor?
Answer 02: Traditionally a kitchen is defined to be that part of a home where people can cook meals and where all the ingredients are available for preparation. In contrast to this, modular kitchen is a remarkable concept created to include installation of pre-built panels and cabinets according to the needs of the user. It is aimed at reducing the time required for cooking, bringing down the level of confusion and making work more systematic while cooking. Apparently the bright and elegant set up of a modular kitchen actually welcomes 'fun' and shows 'boredom' an exit door. Indeed this is why its demand is seemingly increasing in India too.

Question 03: How to install a 'MY' type of a modular kitchen?
Answer 03: Modular Kitchens are available in various designs such as C-shaped, U-shaped and Parallel wall types. A user gets to choose his type of colour, material and kitchen appliances too. But first and foremost it is essential to pen down the requirements and weigh it with the user's choice, budget and space allotted. This will avoid any later consequences of lack of funds or unnecessary addition of appliances. If the buyer is looking for a clean, systematic, functional and beautiful modular kitchen, he needs to get in touch with the experts, explain his need and get estimated cost to install the same.

Question 04: Should I prefer a custom-made or branded modular kitchen?
Answer 04: If the user is aware of the intricacies of a modular kitchen, he can seek assistance from a carpenter to tailor-make his type of a modular kitchen. However generally buyers come with zero experience and hence end up buying the expensive modular kitchen designs from various brands. If you are a smart buyer and brand conscious there are many non-branded agencies in the market which can meet your style and colour scheme at lower costs. It is the name of the brand that distinctively distinguishes it from a non-branded kitchen design. Whatever be your choice, do keep in mind that quality comes first above everything for a lovely modular kitchen.

Question 05: What is the monetary arrangement to be made for a stylish modular kitchen?
Answer 05: Modular Kitchens come in all types of shape, colour, quality and size. The amount of investment to be made can be determined through factors of choice, space, budget and usage of the kitchen. Having mentioned this, it is important to note that the cost of a modular kitchen may vary from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000 (approximately). Therefore, every individual has the liberty to envision a wonderful modular kitchen for his home. However, as a user it is essential to make a list of the right number and right type of appliances to be included for a simple and systematic modular kitchen.

Question 06: How much time does it take to install a modular kitchen at my home?
Answer 06: Installation of a modular kitchen involves various activities in association with the experts. It includes an initial visit from the agency to measure the stipulated premise for constructing a modular kitchen. This is followed by designing and planning of the type of kitchen along with its appliances. Thereafter the agency places an order for the manufacture of kitchen design and awaits release of the order. Once this is complete, the entire set-up is ready to be installed in your home. Depending upon the requirements, this entire task may take from one month to several months before getting installed an elegant modular kitchen to meet your home décor.

Question 07: What are the tips for a well-maintained modular kitchen?
Answer 07: A modular kitchen that is designed using high quality raw materials will have a longer service life. However as a buyer one should follow the below mentioned tips to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen:
1. Avoid overloading the cabinets with unnecessary items.
2. Use a soft cloth for cleaning the shutters and moist it while cleaning the hobs.
3. Ensure that the sink is water-free. Use a damp cloth rinse it clean if any oil residues are there.
4. Refrain from using sharp objects for cleaning appliances so that it doesn't lead to damage in their finish
5. Keep a regular check on the easy movement of the drawers and cabinets.

Question: 08: How do I select the right type of appliances such as cabinet, sink and chimney?
Answer 08: Modular Kitchen designs include various appliances such as chimney, sink, cabinet, drawers, trolley, dishwasher, microwave oven, shelves, hobs and refrigerator. Appliances such as sink, chimney, cooktops and cabinets are few items that are a must in a modular kitchen. To include the right type of appliances, jot down your need to prioritize what is needed the most. All these appliances are available in the expensive wood, glass, granite or less expensive marble and steel too. You need to decide on the usage of the kitchen and style (branded or non-branded) required before finalizing the material to be used for your appliances.
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